UNS C10300 copper plate|C10300 Oxygen free copper sheet

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UNS C10300 copper plate|C10300 copper alloy|C10300 Oxygen free copper
United iron and steel limited could produce and supply C10100, C10200, C10300, C10400, C10500, C10700, C10800, C10910, C10920, C10930, C10940, C11000, C11010, C11020, C11030, C11040, C11045, C11100, C11300, C11400, C11500, C11600, C11700, C12000 Copper alloy. If any need in that material, please contact us by email address: sales@unitedsteelplate.com
C10300 Copper alloy is usual be used in bus bars, bus conductors, waveguides, hollow conductors, lead-in wires and anodes for vacuum tubes, vacuum seals, transistor components, glass-to-metal seals, coaxial cables, klystrons, microwave tubes, and rectifiers.
C10300 Chemical Composition
Coppers Nominal Chemical Composition %
Copper Cu(incl Ag) Ag(%)min Ag(Troy oz)min As Sb P Te
C10300 99.95min - - - - 0.0003 -
Designation: OFXLP, Description: Oxygen free copper  
Note: Composition percent maximum unless shown as a range or a minimum
1. This is a high conductivity copper which has, in the annealed condition a minimum conductivity of 100% IACS except for Alloy C10300 which has minimum conductivity of 101% IACS.
2.  The following additional impurity maximum limits shall apply: Bi, 1ppm (.0001%); Cd, 1ppm (.0001%); Fe, 10ppm (.0010%); Pb, 5ppm (.0005%); Mn,0.5ppm (.00005%); Ni, 10ppm (.0010%); Se, 3ppm (.0003%); Ag, 25ppm(.0025%);S, 15ppm (.0015%); Sn, 2ppm (.0002%); Zn, 1ppm (.0001%).
3.  Cu is determined by the difference between the impurity total and 100%. The Cu value is exclusive of Ag.
4.  Includes P.
5.  Oxygen and trace elements may vary depending on the process.
6.  The following additional maximum limits shall apply: Se, 2ppm (.0002%); Bi, 1.0ppm (.00010%); Group Total, Te + Se +Bi, 3ppm(.0003%). Sn, 5ppm (.0005%); Pb, 5ppm (.0005%); Fe, 10ppm (.0010%); Ni, 10ppm (.0010%), S, 15ppm (.0015%); Ag, 25ppm (.0025%);Oxygen,100-650ppm (.010-.065%). The total maximum allowable of 65ppm(.0065%) does not include oxygen.
7. These total maximum limits shall apply; Se 2ppm(.0002%); Bi .5ppm (.00005%); Sn 5 ppm (.0005%); Pb 5ppm (.0005%); Fe 10 ppm (.0010%); Ni 10ppm (.0010%); S 15 ppm (.0015%); Ag 25 ppm (.0025%); Oxygen 125 - 600ppm.
8.  Small amounts of Cd or other elements may be added by agreement to improve the resistance to softening at elevated temperatures.
9. Includes B + P.
C10300 Copper supplied Specification:
Hot Rolled Coppers plate Cold Rolled Coppers plate
Thickness mm Width mm Length mm Thickness mm Width mm Length mm
Red Copper 6-15 400-3000 1000-6000 0.2-0.49 300-600 1000-1500
16-20 400-3000 0.5-2.5 600-1000 1000-2500
21-50 600-3000 3-10 600-2500 1000-3000
>10-110 600-1000      
Yellow Brass 6-15 400-2000 1000-6000 0.2-0.49 300-600 1000-1500
16-20 400-2000 0.5-2.5 400-1000 1000-3000
>60 600-2500 3-10 600-2000 1000-2500
Bronze >2.5 600-1000 1000-6000 0.4-0.49 300-500 600-1500
0.5-2.5 500-600 1000-3000
3-10 500-1000 600-2000
Cupronickel >2.5 400-1500 1000-6000 0.5-2.5 300-600 600-1500
3-10 300-1000 600-1500

C10300 Processing and Property:  Excellent hot and cold workability; good forge ability. Fabricated by bending, coining, coppersmith, drawing and upsetting, hot forging and pressing, knurling, roll threading, shearing, spinning, swaging, and stamping.
C10300 Corrosion Resistance: Good to excellent. Susceptible to galvanic corrosion when coupled with iron, aluminum, magnesium, lead, tin, and zinc. Good resistance to atmospheric, brackish water, sea water, and non-oxidizing acid corrosion, but avoid heating in oxidizing atmospheres or exposing to oxidizing acids, moist halogens, sulfides, ammonia, or solutions with ammonium ions.
C10300 Equivalent Grade for Copper alloy
Equivalent Grade for Copper alloy
  KRUZZEICHEN NUMBER Symbol Number Symbol Number Number
- SE-Cu 2.007 Cu-PHC CW020A - C10300 -
United iron and steel limited also have stock sizes at our warehouse, if you have requirement in C10300 Copper alloy material, please contact us by email sales@unitedsteelplate.com