SUS 420J1 Stainless plate,SUS 420J1 stainless sheet,SUS 420J

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SUS 420J1 Stainless plate, SUS 420J1 stainless sheet, SUS 420J1
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United iron and steel produce JIS stainless plate Max thickness to 400mm, heavy thickness plate, and our factory also can cut to flat bar, DISC and cut profiled from stainless plate. If you need our quotation, please send email to
SUS 420J1 Chemical Composition
Grade SUS 301J1 Element Max (%)
C Si Mn P S Ni Cr
SUS 420J1 0.16-0.25 1 1 0.040 0.030   12-14
Mo Cu N        
SUS 420J1 stainless steel chemical composition requirements
SUS 420J1
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